Brandi Wolff


Josh Werner

Brandi Wolff and Josh Werner

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Our Story

We are so excited to celebrate with everyone! For those of you that don't know our story, let me get you caught up before the big day!

After moving to California, I (Brandi) was looking for a way to meet people and volunteer in the area! A friend of mine (Katherine, one of the bridesmaids!) heard of an organization called V-O-Cal that coordinates volunteer events where you could help build a trail AND camp the whole weekend for FREE. Of course, I said yes!

Katherine and I were ready to bust out our hiking boots and get our grungy clothes on! We had convinced ourselves that all of the cool, seasoned volunteers were going to be showing up with reusable water bottles covered in stickers as their badge of outdoorsy-volunteering-pride and we needed to look the part! Our one stop for the bottles turned into a two hour ordeal and we quickly found ourselves racing the sun to get to a county park we had never been to before in hopes of catching a shuttle van to the volunteer site! The sun had set, we were lost on a small winding road, and just as we were ready to call it quits and head home a van pulls up beside our car asking if we were here for the volunteer event. Of course, I said yes!

Little did I know, the cute guy asking if I was there to volunteer was going to be my future husband! Throughout the weekend our paths briefly crossed but he was busy working while I was busy trying to have fun and subtly win this guy over. On Sunday, we were finally in the same group and somehow always ended up next to each other talking about our hobbies, families, and beliefs. We slowly got to know each other and by the end of the day I asked if he wanted to go get ice cream (ok, it was more like Katherine hinting we should exchange numbers and hangout again - she wins "wingwoman of the year"!). Of course, he said yes!

Three and a half years later we found ourselves back on that same trail swapping stories about to make one more memory. He took me by surprise, got down on one knee and I, of course, said yes!
Lori Wemple